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When Should You Have A 3D Baby Ultrasound Done?

When Should You Have A 3D Baby Ultrasound Done?

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A 3D baby ultrasound is the only way that you can get a glimpse of your baby’s face before he or she is born. And because of this, most parents can’t wait to have it. Alas, though, it’s not something that is taken within the first five months of your pregnancy.

Doctors usually write an order for it during the sixth month, when the facial features of the baby are already fully-developed. However, many private ultrasound companies are able to offer 3D ultrasound and 4d ultrasound services as early as 8 weeks.

Is it covered by insurance? That depends on whether or not your doctor recommends it. Most insurance companies do cover it with doctor recommendation. However, it will not pay for an ultrasound that is given at a non-medical venue like a shopping mall. But then again, no doctor will ever tell you to go to a shopping mall to have it.

What is a 3D ultrasound? It is like any other ultrasound procedure, except that the echoes generate a 3D image of the baby inside, unlike regular ultrasound that only generates a flat 2D image. How much does it cost? Many private ultrasound companies offer packages as low as $50, depending on how many pictures are included. If you choose to only have ultrasounds done by your doctor or ob/gyn, then your insurance policy should cover the most or all of the cost.

The best way to find the available 3D ultrasound options in your area is to open your favorite search engine and conduct a search using the phrase: 3d ultrasound near me or 4d ultrasound near me if you prefer to have 4d ultrasound pictures.

This should bring up search results for private ultrasound companies in your local area so that you can view their websites, contact information and pricing.

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