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Choosing the Best Baby Registry in 2020

Choosing the Best Baby Registry in 2020

Now that you’re pregnant, you’re probably wondering where you should open your baby registry. There are many places, and the obvious choices include Target, Babies “R” Us and Buy Buy Baby. However, we are going to discuss two of the best registries and which one we think you should use. Read on to find out what those two baby registries are.

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Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon has the widest selection of items, and if you’re an Amazon Mom, then you will receive a completion discount. We recommend Amazon for your baby registry. Amazon has a great one and it is becoming more and more popular as the years go by.

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

The best thing about Amazon is they will give you a free Amazon baby registry welcome box and 10% off of select items in your registry. If you’re a member of Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime, then you’ll receive 15% off. If you have a couple of thousands of dollars worth of products, then you could easily save hundreds. Let’s not forget to mention that this doesn’t include the site’s regular sales they have on baby items. The amazon baby box includes $35 worth of free baby products, samples, and coupons.

Universal Baby Registry

Amazon Baby registry lets you add products from any site and create a universal registry, so that you have an all-in-one registry. For example, if you browse Babies R Us and you find something you like, then add it to your Amazon universal registry. All it takes is one click of a button.

Amazon Baby Registry Discount

Another reason why we like Amazon Baby is because the prices found on Amazon are usually cheaper than other places. Amazon is great when it comes to prices, but you can save even more money. You can do this by taking advantage of the 10-15% Amazon baby registry discount and the free shipping you get with Prime.

The return policy Amazon has is good too. You can return baby gear up to 90 days after you have purchased it. Some babies are fussy, so it’s a good thing Amazon has a return policy like that.

Amazon Baby Registry Search

Let’s not forget to point out the selection of products is impressive. Amazon carries everything you can think of and want on your list. It can all be easily found using the Amazon baby registry search. They carry everything from baby monitors to car seats to baby bottles and so much more.

You can print the registry list after using the Amazon registry search, if that’s what you want. If you are tech-savvy, then you can log on and decide what products you want to buy. It is very easy to do.

For those who have family members that don’t shop online, they can purchase from physical stores. After they do this, it can be marked as purchased. The way it works is the family members can look at registry list and click on the items to indicate they have been purchased.

How to Find a Baby Registry on Amazon

The way the Amazon baby registry checklist works is easy. First you give them the link to your registry and then they go to the link to find your baby registry Amazon list. After they do this, they can find products to purchased and click on the items to mark them as purchased. They will then be able to enter their information and then they can check their email for a confirmation email from baby registry.

It is extremely easy to use and do. People who are not tech savvy should have no problems using it too. If worse comes to worse, then they can ask someone to do the process for them.

Benefits of Having an Amazon Registry

The main benefits include receiving a Amazon baby registry completion discount on certain items and even more of a discount if you’re an Amazon Mom or Prime member. Another benefit is the return policy and the selection of products they have available for sale. The other perks include you can add products from other stores, so Amazon registry baby has a universal system. If you want to find out more about the Amazon Baby registry program, then feel free to click the Amazon baby registry link: CLICK HERE TO START YOUR AMAZON BABY REGISTRY.

Target Baby Registry

Another good registry program is the baby registry Target. You can create a free Target gift registry. You can even score a welcome bag that comes with samples, coupons and even full-sized products.

Not only that, but when you print your Target registry for baby, you will score some great coupons. These will be high valued ones too, and that’s on top of the coupons you get in your welcome bag. You will love the Target welcome box you receive from Target Baby.

How to Get a Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit

After you register and visit the Target registry login page, click on the tab that says Create Your Own. You’ll be brought to another page. This is where you’ll add items to the baby registry list using the target baby registry search.

Target will then send you an email that will inform you that you can receive your free baby welcome bag. If you don’t get the email, then go to guest services, show them the list and then you can tell them you made a target baby shower registry. Ask them for the free baby welcome box and then they should give it to you with no problems. It is a good idea to contact your nearest Target store to make sure they have a Target welcome box available.

Printing Out Target Baby Gift Registry Coupons

Every now and then, you will get coupons when you print your list. What you want to do is add a couple of items to your registry and then press the print button, which is in the top right corner. Your baby registry list will start to print, and you will usually see target baby registry coupons that can be used for target baby items. The coupons will usually be located at the bottom of the prints.

The 15% Target Baby Registry Completion Discount

About two months before your due date, you’ll receive a coupon. It will give you 15% off of products that are still on your Target Baby registry list. You can use the coupons in stores or online. The choice is up to you.

What is the Best Baby Registry?

When it comes to which baby registry we recommend, we have to go with Amazon. If you’re an Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime member, you get a 15% completion discount or 10% if you’re a non-member. The selection of products is amazing too, which is why we highly recommend Amazon as the best baby registry over others.

Click Here to Start an Amazon Baby Registry!

As for what you should add to your baby registry, this is up to you, but there is a thorough baby registry checklist guide that may help. The guide can be found right here, so make sure to read it over and then you can find out what you should add. Remember, some things are necessary to add and others are not that necessary, so read that guide in its entirety.