Freebies and discounts for new and expecting parents!

Get Free Pregnancy Stuff Online for You and Your New Baby

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If you are an expecting mom, then you want to do everything that you can to prepare for the newest member of your family to arrive. Whether it is your first child or your fifth, getting free pregnancy stuff is always fun. These are five of the best offers that you can find on the web today:

American Baby

This publication offers all kinds of information on pregnancy and the first years of your little one’s life. Best of all, you can get a subscription to American Baby and get an actual hard copy of the magazine shipped directly to your home each month. You will look forward to the great advice on parenting and baby care that each issue of this popular magazine.

Similac for StrongMoms Program

While you might be most familiar with Similac as a maker of infant formula, you can get more than powdered milk and canned versions from the company when you sign up for the StrongMoms Program. When you sign up for it you will receive all kinds of goodies, including a messenger bag to carry stuff in.

You will also receive bags and bottles for use after the baby is born, along with a regular sized formula sample as well as prenatal samples. Additionally, product coupons will help you to save money on this costly product your baby needs.

Currently, they are offering a free photo book as part of the freebies you get when signing up.

Udder Covers for Nursing Moms

For moms who want to give their little ones the valuable nutrients available only in breast milk and who are able to nurse their little ones, nursing covers are a nice thing to have. The Udder Covers are the perfect choice for you to enjoy this special time together.

Currently, you can get one of these delightful covers for the cost of shipping alone. With a special code during the checkout process, you can get this cover, normally as much as $34.95, for just a couple of bucks. This is an incredible deal you can’t afford to miss out on!

Target for Free Pregnancy Stuff and More

The nationwide chain Target shows some love to expecting moms who join their registery program. Being pregnant entails getting a lot of new items for the baby, which is part of the purpose of baby showers. With a gift registry, you can avoid duplication during the party and focus instead on the fun.

But, you don’t have to wait until the shower to start enjoying the gifts Target gives to you, including all kinds of coupons and product samples.

Seven Everyday Slings

Carry your baby with ease by using one of these free baby carriers by Seven Everyday Slings. Use the coupon code and pay only for shipping.

Getting free stuff is always fun, and these programs are an excellent way to get things for you and your new baby to enjoy!

Great Pregnancy Freebies for Expecting Mothers and Their New Babies

Are you pregnant with a precious little baby boy or girl? You might even be carrying more than one new addition to the family. No matter what your circumstances, pregnancy freebies will certainly help you to stock up on the necessary items to care for yourself and your baby once you give birth.

These suggestions are a great place for you to begin your search for pregnancy freebies:

Diapers are a vital resource for parents to have until their youngsters are potty trained. There are many different ways to get free diapers, including eco-friendly ones. The brand Honest will send you seven of their environmentally-friendlier diapers for the cost of shipping. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint without washing cloth diapers, this might be the right choice for your family.

Of course, there are plenty of additional diaper resources out there, including the National Diaper Bank Network. For families with limited income, this non-profit agency can help.

Perhaps the most well-known brand offering free diapers is Pampers. This company has a great program that will help you to save money on future purchases as well. The Pampers Gifts to Grow program is easy to sign up for on their website and you will receive free diapers for doing it. Then, you can find the codes inside of Pampers boxes to redeem on your account. These points can be used at the Pampers website to get diapers, toys and even baby food!

There is a lot more to parenting than just diapers, which is where this next freebie can be useful. American Baby magazine offers a free monthly subscription to new moms. Inside, you will find all kinds of useful tips and tricks in the parenting world. From how to relax a baby with colic to treating yourself to a break once in a while, you will appreciate the suggestions in this publication. You don’t even have to pay postage to have the magazine in your mail box each month!

If you want to breastfeed your baby, there are some things you can do to make it easier for you and your infant. One of these is to purchase a nursing pillow. At Nursing Pillows, you can find them for just under $40 but, you can also get one for free by using a special discount code. Available in a wide range of prints, these will reduce the stress on your arms, neck and back as you nurse your infant.

Another product that makes parenting easier is a baby sling. These are easy to use and will keep baby close while you go about your daily tasks. The little ones enjoy the closeness and multiple studies shows it improves bonding. Seven Everyday Slings offers them for the cost of shipping when you use the code.

Keep your eyes open for discounts, codes and coupons that you can use to start cutting back on your baby-related expensses so you can focus your time on the newest member of your family!

Does A Monthly Baby Subscription Box Sound Like A Good Deal To You?

Have you caught wind of all the subscription boxes out there? They are rather neat, and some of the ideas are better than others. Sometimes you just don’t know what you want or would rather have different products and samples from the best of the best out there on the market. Baby subscription boxes are one of your choices. Not only are they cool, but they make for good gift ideas, too.

Of course, a subscription box comes with a recurring charge, so remember that if you are buying a gift. If you are buying one of these subscription boxes for yourself, just think about what all you might get. It will be a monthly surprise, a mystery box of sorts. What that means is you will be getting everything you need in the meantime, and all these extras are going to be showing up to help you out.

After checking out some of the best products and brands, you might end up making some changes regarding what you buy to take care of your baby. You don’t have to do any of the research. Companies have done it for you, know the best products and want to send them to you in a mystery box.