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Baby Registry Checklist: Essential Must-Have Items!

Baby Registry Checklist: Essential Must-Have Items!

Many parents-to-be create baby registries, so you are probably wondering if you should follow suit now that you are expecting. Some parents-to-be see baby registries as stressful, time-consuming, and not worth the time, while others understand their awesome benefits. Having a good baby registry checklist to follow can certainly be a big help. Fortunately, we provide a great one for you below!

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Creating a baby shower registry that only includes baby registry must haves increases the odds you will receive the essentials you want and need for baby from friends and family. But just in case you end up receiving items you dont want or need, returning items that you do not want, have multiples of, or that otherwise do not meet your needs is less of a burden with a registry. A registry also allows parents-to-be to rack up on discounts, freebies, and coupons as they use the registry to track baby’s gear.

Babies need so many things during their first few months of life. These items cost a lot of money. Creating a baby shower registry by using a baby registry checklist as a guide gives family and friends purchase some of these items for you whether for a baby shower or just because. They know exactly what to purchase, alleviating hassle for shoppers as well.

Be sure to choose your nursery theme, colors, and designs before delving into the registry experience. Creating a registry is far more fun when you have this information in mind.

To make it easier to create your baby registry, we have provided a baby registry checklist full of the essential must-have items your baby will need without the unnecessary extras.

What is a Baby Registry?

A baby registry is simply a list of items the parents would like for their baby. It is made for the benefit of family and friends. Parents add the items they want from their baby registry checklist and then share it with the people of their choice. Others know exactly what to buy when they can access a baby registry.

Registrants can edit the baby registry any time they’d like. We sometimes forget essentials that we need or have a change of heart. In such a case, edits are quick and pain-free and correct any changes you want.

Parents know exactly what they still need for the baby since they receive a notification every time someone purchases an item off the baby shower registry. This feature helps parents-to-be better ensure baby has everything he or she needs his first day home from the hospital.

Dozens of retailers offer parents-to-be the opportunity to create a baby registry at their store. Choose the retailer(s) you prefer and let the fun begin! Both in-person and online registry options are available. Most retailers offer benefits like samples, welcome kits, coupons, and discounts to everyone who creates a registry.

Privacy or safety concerns? Many people share those same sentiments. With options like “private” mode, you can ensure only those you know and trust share in this magical event with you.

How Do Baby Registries Work?

A baby registry gives your loved ones easy access to inside information concerning your baby, like the themes you want, the brands you prefer, and the exact items your little one needs. This information is critical when shopping for gear for a baby shower or simply because…a new baby is on the way!

When a person visits a store and provides an associate with your registry information, they’re given a printout of the registry. They can use the registry to shop for any of the items on the list. Once they are finished shopping, they take the items they want to buy along with the registry back to the associate. The associate removes the item from the registry, notifies the parent-to-be of the purchase, and adds the item to their registry box.

Online shoppers can access the registry using a link that you can provide to them so that they can shop from home if they prefer. They simply need your registry URL or they can search the site’s registry database using your name and due date to find your registry and shop online for your baby essentials.

Many people use a basic baby registry checklist to create registries with multiple retailers. Doing so gives family and friends freedom of choice and allows them to better maintain their budgets. You can easily and quickly create a baby registry online or in-store.

Where Do I Create a Baby Registry?

Dozens of retailers offer consumers the chance to create a baby registry. Carefully choose the retailers you register with, however. Do not waste time registering with a retailer that doesn’t sell the items that you need or that is out of your price range. Ease the hassles of choosing the best baby registry retailer by choosing one of the options below. Each retailer on the following list has tons of incentives for parents-to-be who register at their stores. Some even have their own baby registry checklist for you to follow when you set up your registry.

Determine which retailer is best for your needs by considering brands, prices, store locations, etc. We recommend any option below as the best baby registry for parents-to-be.

  • Amazon Baby Registry: Amazon is the retailer of choice for so many people. It is a name people know and trust, which encourages shopping. Create your Amazon Baby Registry and receive a free welcome box jam-packed with samples, coupons, and other goodies after the first purchase. All new registries receive a 15% off completion coupon so you can buy all the items left on the registry. You also enjoy the same rewards that have helped Amazon become the name that it is today, like two-day shipping, 365-day returns, and more. Diaper discounts and a universal registry option also make the Amazon baby registry a top choice for so many new parents.
  • Walmart Registry: Walmart’s baby registry includes the price match guarantee. You simply cannot find a lower price than at Wal-Mart. Everyone who creates a registry receives a nice welcome kit stuffed with items like coupons and samples. It carries a $40 value. Free, easy returns on any item that doesn’t meet your expectations also come with the registry. In addition, like the other retailers, Wal-Mart offers a nice 10% completion coupon to finish purchasing items off the registry. Creating a registry at gives you access to items that you cannot find in-store.
  • buybuy BABY Registry: The buybuy BABY registry offers a price match guarantee, free year-long shipping after $1,500 in purchases, and a nice 15% completion coupon. A goody bag is available at the store counter upon completion of the registry. Every new registrant also receives a welcome box filled with samples, bottles, pacifiers, coupons, and other information for new parents.
  • Target Baby Registry: Target has a huge variety of baby essentials for every parent. Create a registry online or in-store and get a 15% completion discount and an extra 5% savings for Red cardholders. All new registrants receive a welcome box valued at $50. This box contains lots of fun samples, offers, and coupons that parents need for a new baby. Free shipping on orders $35+, free returns, and one-year exchange are additional rewards.
  • BabyList Baby Registry: BabyList is the most unique of all registries. You can add any item that you want from any store that you like! This online registry is super cool for parents-to-be who need items from multiple retailers but hate to inconvenience their friends and family. The unique “Hello Baby” box offers an assortment of new products to try out for one low cost. In addition, BabyList supports indie retailers, giving you access to items not found at big-box retailers. “Cash Funds” is another unique BabyList registry feature. It is never too early to save for your child’s college education and with your village’s help, now it’s time.
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When Should I Create My Baby Registry?

Parents have the freedom to choose when they create a registry. Some parents create their registry soon after they learn they are expecting while others wait until some time has passed. Create the registry when the time is right for you and not a moment sooner.

What happens if you cannot finish a baby shower registry after you start creating it? Just save the information and return to finish it at a time that is convenient for you. Don’t worry that you will lose any of your progress!

Creating a registry is absolutely free, so there are never any penalties or losses if you create it early or later than the rest. Creating a registry is fun so why not join so many other parents-to-be and spend the next few minutes of your day completing your own?

A lot of parents-to-be create their registry after learning the sex of their baby. This is a good idea for anyone that needs gender-specific essentials. Most parents learn the sex of their baby around 20-weeks.

Once you have a general baby registry checklist to work from, we recommend creating registries with a few different retailers. Doing so gives your friends and family more options to shop for items in their price range. If you prefer, create each registry at a different time point during the pregnancy. Creating a registry is pretty easy and since so many retailers offer coupons and freebies upon completion, it is worth the small amount of effort and time.

What Baby Registry Must-Haves Should I Include?

Buying every item advertised to new parents would quickly result in thousands and thousands of dollars in expenditures. Do not waste money on things the baby does not need. Use the following baby registry checklist to ensure your new bundle of joy has everything he or she needs when arriving home from the hospital. The following baby registry must-haves are important for every parent and baby!


Baby’s crib needs a fitted sheet and nothing more. Do not add pillows, bumper pads, or stuffed animals to the crib.

  • Crib Mattress: Choose a firm mattress that fits snugly to the crib frame to prevent possible injuries.
  • Fitted Sheets: Fitted sheets fit snugly over the mattress. Add at least two fitted sheets to the registry.
  • Waterproof Mattress Protector: Diaper blowouts and leaks happen frequently with newborn babies. Protect the crib sheets and mattress with this product.


  • Baby Bathtub: A newborn is very slippery. An anti-slip baby bathtub makes bath time safer and easier.
  • Hooded Towels: Soft hooded towels fit over the baby’s head and wrap around his body.
  • Washcloths: Add at least eight washcloths to the baby registry. You will use them for more than just bath time as time progresses.
  • Bath Toys: Bath toys resemble animals and fun characters, make noise, squirt water, and otherwise make bath time super fun for your baby.
  • Baby Shampoo & Baby Wash: Nothing beats the sweet smell of a freshly bathed baby. Many shampoo and baby wash options are available.
  • Baby Lotion: Moisturizing baby’s skin with a baby lotion keeps it soft all year long.
  • Faucet Cover: Prevent accidental burns and scalds by using faucet covers on sinks and the bathtub.


No baby registry checklist would be complete without clothing! Add baby clothing in several sizes. Babies grow quickly. Do not add only newborn clothing that your little one may quickly grow out of. Add 0-3 months items in addition to newborn sizes.

  • 10 Pairs Socks: Socks keep little toes warm, but they kick off so easily you need extras.
  • 10 Pairs Leggings: Leggings fit over onesies and work for any type of weather.
  • 10 Pairs Footed Pajamas: Footed pajamas keep baby warm after his evening bath. They are great for nighttime sleep.
  • 10 Onesies (short-sleeved): Onesies make diaper changes easier and simpler.
  • 10 Onesies (long-sleeved):
  • 5 Swaddling Blankets: Swaddling keeps baby calm during his first few weeks of life. Soon enough you will master the art of swaddling with a few blankets on hand.
  • 5 Bibs: Feeding a baby is messy. Protect clothing with cute solid or decorative bibs.
  • 5 Burp Cloths: Drool, spit, vomit, and other bodily fluids come out of the baby like a waterfall. Burp cloths help clean those messes.
  • Laundry Detergent: Baby detergents protect baby’s sensitive skin from allergens and harsh chemicals.
  • 1 Pair soft-sole baby Shoes: Soft-sole shoes are cute, but they also help the ligaments and muscles strengthen in their feet.
  • 1 ‘Come Home’ Outfit: A stylish, meaningful ‘Come Home’ outfit is often forgotten in the hospital bag. Include it on the registry so you do not leave it behind.
  • 1 Snowsuit: An essential for winter babies, a snowsuit gears baby up for outdoor excursions in cold temperatures and snowy weather.
  • 1 Winter Hat: Protect baby from catching a cold with the help of a winter hat.
  • 2 Sun Hats:  Keep the sun out of baby’s eyes with a sun hat.
  • 3 Sleep Sacks: A sleep sack mimics swaddling. It is also commonly called a wearable blanket.
  • 3 Sweaters: Sweaters or hoodies nip the chill on cooler days.

Diaper Duty

  • Diaper Pail: Diaper pails provide a place to dispose of diapers that neutralize odors.
  • Diapers: Add size newborn and size 1 to the registry.
  • Baby Wipes: Wipes make diaper changes easier, cleaning baby with a gentle stroke.
  • Diaper Cream: Prevent diaper rash with the use of a diaper cram during diaper changes.
  • Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs: Cotton balls and cotton swabs clean baby’s umbilical cord area, eyes, and more.

Medical Kit

  • Thermometer: Rectal thermometers provide the most accurate readings.
  • Baby Nail Trimmer: A baby-safe nail trimmer has curved edges that prevent nipping baby’s delicate skin.
  • Saline Nasal Drops: These drops help loosen and remove mucus from baby’s nose.
  • Nose Suction Bulb Syringe:  Also called a booger sucker, the nose bulb cleans baby’s nose.


  • Nursing Bras: Nursing bras make feeding baby easier. They also protect sore nipples.
  • Nursing Pillow: Nursing pillows provide a soft, comfortable spot for baby to rest at the breast.
  • Nipple Cream: A must-have for new moms who experience cracked, dry, sore nipples.
  • Nursing Cover: Add a hint of privacy to breastfeeding in public with this item.
  • Baby Bottles: Add a variety of four-ounce and eight-ounce bottles and nipples to your registry.
  • Baby Bottle Cleaning Brushes: Brushes fit into all bottles to remove all milk, stains, etc.
  • Baby Bottle Drying Rack: Easy storage solution for bottles after they are cleaned.
  • Breast Pump: Manual and electric breast pumps extract milk from the breasts for lactating moms.
  • Pump Parts: Purchase tubing, valves, and membranes, at a minimum since these parts wear out most often.
  • Breast Milk Storage Bags: Store your pumped breast milk for serving later.
  • High Chair: A high chair provides baby a safe place to enjoy and explore new foods.


  • Crib: Your baby’s bed is one of the most important purchases you will make. Safety is most important when buying a crib.
  • Changing Table: Changing tables provide a safe place for diaper changes and diaper change accessories.
  • Bassinet: Bassinets provide baby with a travel sleeper that mom and dad can easily roll into their bedroom, the kitchen, living room, or elsewhere in the house.
  • Storage Bins: Neatly hold all of baby’s supplies and accessories.
  • Baby Monitor: Keep tabs on your baby during nap time and sleep time with a baby monitor.
  • Glider: Perfect for feeding and bonding with baby.
  • White Noise Machine: Lulls baby off to dreamland in about five-minutes and keeps them asleep longer.


  • Swing:  A baby swing provides a safe, soothing activity for baby.
  • Activity Mat: Activity mats allow parents to put baby down for a little fun. Mats contain tons of fun activities for all ages.
  • Stacking Blocks: This favorite baby toy teaches developmental skills!
  • Teethers: Nothing soothes a baby’s sore teething gums quiet like teethers.
  • Rattles: Babies love rattlers and the cool noises and features they offer.
  • Stuffed Animals: Don’t go overboard with stuffed animals but certainly request one or two.
  • Blankie or ‘Lovey’: Every baby needs something cute and cuddly they can take everywhere they go.


  • Baby Carrier: Many types of baby carriers allow you to ‘wear’ baby on your chest or back, giving you extra maneuverability.
  • Car Seat: Baby needs a car seat before he can leave the hospital!
  • Stroller: Strollers help ease getting around with a baby, whether shopping at the mall or spending the day at the park with older kids.
  • Stroller Bunting: Protects baby from rain, snow, and cold weather while riding in the stroller.
  • Diaper Bag: A diaper bag holds far more than diapers. It safely holds all of baby’s necessities like bottles, teethers, toys, and wipes for all your outdoor adventures.
  • Changing Pad: Lie baby on a changing pad before diaper changes to avoid messes and mishaps.
  • Playpen: Playpens give baby a safe place to play where mom and dad can easily see what is going on from nearby locations.

What Items Should Not Be Added to My baby Registry?

Do not bother adding the following items to your baby shower registry. Although each item has a specific reason it is not necessary on a registry, most are either unsafe or simply not a necessity when there are so many more important things your baby needs instead. Remove the following items from your baby registry checklist:

  • Toys: Although adding a few toys to the baby registry is okay, do not go overboard. Baby will receive an abundance of toys once he or she arrives, which can quickly clutter a nursey or house. Avoid this mishap by adding only one or two toys to the registry, if any at all.
  • Drop-Down Cribs: Although discontinued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2011, drop-down cribs are still out there if you choose a second-hand product or if someone else buys the crib. Check out the current safety standards for cribs and ensure that your product adheres to the guideline. This prevents injuries to your newborn baby.
  • Baby Bumper: They are certainly cute, but baby bumpers in the crib also put a baby at danger of suffocation. Do not add one to the baby registry and do not add one to the crib!
  • Dress Clothes: Do not bother adding dress clothes to the baby registry. You will not need them during the first few months of life as you adjust to life with a new baby!